Everything you need to know about the new season of Game of Thrones

Have you watched the new episode of Game of Thrones yet?

Unless you’re living under a rock you know Game of Thrones new season has arrived. Winter has finally come and ‘Valar Morghulis’ (All men must die duh). Before you set down for the almost hour long episode here’s some facts you need to know. (Don’t worry we’re not giving any spoilers!)

The final season which is the eighth season premiered on 14th of April with its first episode titled as “Winterfell” directed by David Nutter and written by Dave Hill. This season will consist of six episodes, unlike the first six seasons. And those of who are rushing to read the novel to know who has finally sat on the Iron Throne calm your horses because this season consists of original content which cannot be found in the George R. R. Martin’s books (hence fan theories to the rescue!)

If you were a major fan of the “The Battle of the Bastards” episode you’d to happy to discover there is another major aesthetically pleasing major fight sequence coming up in much more grander scale that goes on for 6 consecutive nights unlike the ‘Battle of the Bastards’ which took place in the day.

The eighth seasons will also see Tobias Menzies and Lino Facioli returning to their characters of Edmure Tully and Robin Arryn. A two hour documentary of the making of the season 8 will air on May, 26 after the week of the season finale.

And as a true religious fan of this epic show what we know as Game of Thrones I can sincerely hope Arya Stark doesn’t die (*inserts begging and crying emoji*)